Depression: Understanding Common Causes

The understanding of depression by the medical profession has increased over the years from the mystery that it was before. They have now come to understand that depression can be caused by a combination of a number of things. The causes could be a combination of biological, psychological and emotional issues. Difficult situations that are emotional in nature are usually stressful and they are generally perceived to be one of the most common ways that depression can set in. Loosing a job or loved one can trigger deep emotional stress that leads to depression.

Emotional and Mental Issues

Depression like most mental ailments is a combination of emotional and mental issues. This is why the treatment is a combination of both drugs and therapy. As for psychology, experts have concluded from studies that that personality or individual traits of a person plays a role in how prone that person can be to depression. A gloomy person stands a greater chance of suffering from depression than one who usually has a positive disposition. But this does not then mean that depression can just be wished away by assuming a posture of happiness. It will help but depression has to be treated by medication and therapy for it to be effectively dealt with.

Brain Chemistry and Depression

Looking at it from the biological point, experts have linked chemical disparity in the brain to depression. They say that chemicals in the brain must relate in such a way that they balance each other out but imbalance occurs when one of two of these chemicals (called neurotransmitters) are not in the concentration they are supposed to be in relation to each other. Antidepressant drugs target these chemicals and works by correcting the imbalance.Someone that has experienced a heart attack before has a greater chance of suffering from depression.

Other health conditions such as thyroid and cancer also increases a persons chance of suffering from depression. Another common cause is genealogy. If there is a record of depression in a family there is a likelihood that another member of that family might suffer from it too.

For reasons yet unknown, gender seems to play a key role when it comes to depression. According to studies, records show that twice as much female suffer from depression yearly than men. Some have adduced this to the hormonal changes that women have to go through at different stages of their lives but like we said before, no conclusive evidence or link has been found.

Another common cause is medication and substance abuse. It has been discovered that some prescription drugs can bring about depression symptoms in some people. Substance abusers usually suffer from depression and their case is often worse because of the substances they take. There are those who can tell you exactly why they are depressed while there others who it’s a mystery to them.

That is, they can actually tell what cause or instigated their depression. For these treatment won’t be as difficult as it will be for those who don’t really know where or how it came about. Those that are unaware would have to go through some counseling sessions that will attempt to unravel the present and remote causes.

These causes are meant to make us understand that depression as an ailment is something that can happen to anyone. It doesn’t just happen to a particular set of people, whether it is in the family or not but because of its nature anyone of the things mentioned above can cause it.

Recognizing The Signs