Natural Remedies for Depression

Many people are doubtful as to whether Natural Remedies really work in the alleviation of depression?

In general, wild claims are being made regarding the benefits of alternative medicine. If we were to believe all that is written, we could close down most of the hospitals and send the doctors and nurses to be re-trained for other professions.

My opinion is that if liver detoxification, nutritional cleansing, or any other of non-prescription and legal mood-alternating approaches (not alcohol) provides benefits to you, then it works. And if it doesn’t work in beating your depression, try something else. But do try it for a reasonable amount of time.

Using the BODY-MIND CONNECTION approach we can help our bodies to renew and rejuvenate – influencing our brain chemistry and our minds positively – through routine gentle nutritional cleansing.

We want to feel the physical benefits – more energy, perhaps some weight loss if applicable, better digestion, a boost to the immune system – and then feel better mentally as a result of all this.
I have found this approach to be one that affects my moods in a positive way.

We should be doing paying more attention to what we eat, exercising and getting enough sleep…all the obvious stuff.

But, also, we should be doing some form of liver detoxification on a regular basis to counteract the toxic overload.

Much has been written about detoxification diets and the actual process and technique of cleansing your body of toxins.

The author of one book I read on liver cleansing diets suggested that, during your preparation for cleansing, you should consider bringing your own organic pasta to a restaurant so that the chef might cook it for your meal. Seriously!When I read that I wondered why it wasn’t suggested that you bring your own filtered water to boil it in as well.

In preparation for cleansing, other authors suggest going on a shopping spree for semi-precious organic vegetables with a list so long it would have to be put on a spreadsheet.

If the method is too complicated to begin with, people will not start a cleansing program.

This is tragic as it doesn’t have to be like this. A simple and intelligent approach is best.

Liver Detoxification, combined with sensible body cleansing diets and proper nutrition, will improve our moods and give us even more of an incentive to seek out other life-supporting ways of building mental well-being.

And, this is very important: If you are doubtful at all, check it out with your doctor first before trying any of the natural depression remedies presented on this site. Some natural herbs may have a negative impact on medication that you are already taking.